Monday, November 11, 2013

Confessions of a British TV Junkie

or should I say, "a junkie of British TV" since I am technically not British?

1.  I was actually annoyed that both Sherlock and Watson were devoting precious time to other projects.

Great film, but NO

2.  I always get excited when Foyle knows who did it before anyone else even has a clue, or before the person in question actually did it or knew they were going to do it.

Foyle's War

3.  I revisit past seasons of Merlin and get angry because Arthur has NO IDEA!!!

4.  I never get tired of this show, in spite of the odd British pop culture references and the excessively ridiculous chocolate consumption.  

5.  I was seriously offended when someone once mentioned that Lark Rise to Candleford made them sleepy!
This show is EPIC!!!

6.  I detest SyFy for not only copying Being Human, but doing so in a traumatically mediocre fashion.

BBC version of "Being Human" = amazing

7.  I feel like I know this guy, as he seems to appear in approximately 80% of BBC productions. 

Smallweed -- Bleak House

8.  This show makes me laugh more than it should.

9.  I actually watched every episode of Cranford (including Return to Cranford) while crocheting.  I should be 80 years old.  

10.  I have January 5, 2014 marked on my Google calendar.  

and there's this...