Monday, November 30, 2009

And So It Begins...

It's about time I actually posted something here. I like the idea of "blogging," but for some reason it intimidates me to just write about whatever is on my mind, for all the world to see! Anyway, I will start by talking about the image above. This is "The World Beyond," and it is one of my favorite paintings to date. It's 24" x 30," acrylic on stretched canvas, and I just got lost in it while painting. After some tweaking on the computer, I managed to get a digital version that makes a gorgeous 8.5" x 11" print! It's not always easy getting a digital version to look like the original, but I enjoy adding lighting and playing around in Corel Painter and/or iPhoto.

By the way, my name is Karen and I own Twig Studio. Everything I display and sell under the name Twig Studio has been painted or created by me. Twig Studio started in April 2009 and I also opened an Etsy store the same month. The studio is basically our dining room, which has lovely windows overlooking majestic hardwoods and usually a squirrel or two.

My favorite artistic interest is acrylic painting. I sell my original paintings, digital paintings, prints of my original paintings, bookmarks, painted birdhouses, greeting cards, gift tags, painted gift boxes, and jewelry. I would love to learn how to make paper and incorporate my artwork into handmade stationery and journals. For now, I am focusing on making holiday items and... I can't believe it's December!!!