Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who is the swirliest of them all?

There is nothing like opening your Etsy messages first thing in the morning to find that a fellow artist is accusing you of copyright infringement because they think you copied their trees.  An artist I had never heard of accused me of copying their "swirly trees."

When I asked this artist if their work predated Klimt's "Tree of Life" they replied that they have been selling swirly trees since 2005.  Surely Klimt can't top that!  Interestingly enough, this artist's work is available at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which leads me to question why this person is on Etsy picking on artists who do not have their work mass-produced.  Artists are supposed to support each other!

I am older than I look and I was probably doodling swirly trees before this person was born.  My dad drew swirly trees back in the 70s.  Klimt did swirly trees back in the early 1900s.  Van Gogh did swirly stars.  Tolkien, Blake... trees... swirls... this person's legal team must be good.  Clearly, this person is the original, one-and-only swirly tree artist as they have now added to their Etsy shop announcement!   I really didn't think swirly trees were that big of a deal, they have always been fun for me.  The idea that adding a swirl to the end of a tree branch is a groundbreaking, trademarked artistic technique is absolutely absurd.

This artist doesn't even paint glassware... at least they don't have any listed, yet my champagne flute listing (above left) is the offending listing that was in the original message.  If this person had taken the time to look at my work, they might see that I paint all kinds of trees and forests and I also compose music, clearly I have my own source of creativity that extends beyond the branches of a swirly tree.

Copyright infringement is rampant on Etsy.  There are more resellers and copycats than you can stuff into a hand-woven, repurposed, steampunk basket, yet this delusional person is focusing on and reporting a legitimate artist who actually has to print her own work.

I hate toxic stuff.

Swirls make me happy and I will not stop making swirls.

Fairy Tale Forest

Mermaid Tree


This was painted in 2002... 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Timeless, an Etsy treasury of art and music

The following Etsy shop owners were kind enough to let me use images of their original artwork and photography in this video...

Vegablue Photography

Photography Dream

Artistic Release

FotoArtiste 58

Arpad Lukacs

The Maidens Flower

Carl Bork Fine Art

Calico Sky Creations

Color Landscape Photos

Song by Karen Altman (that's me), "Timeless," released in 2010 on "The World Beyond."

View the treasury...