Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Has Sprung... Almost

 Who can resist the pageantry of spring?  Even as the cruelty of daylight saving time sets in at 6:15 AM, I cannot help but smile at the pale pink blossoms and the sweet bird sounds as I look out my bedroom window.

Of course, Monday I looked out to see THIS...

Yep, it's officially snowing!
At least school was canceled and I could go back to bed... for 3 minutes.  Naturally the kids woke up and there's no sleeping when the outside world is an enchanted winter fairy tale.  

Regardless, spring must go on!   While the world was frozen and white outside, I painted and photographed these wine glasses, hoping the snow-covered pink blossoms outside would be okay.

I am really into crocheting accessories lately, so I had to transition from warm winter hoods to spring bonnets, purses, and practical things...

May your spring be full of blossoms and and practical delights!