Thursday, July 15, 2010

Several sellers have made generous contributions to the "Help the Gulf Coast" shop on Etsy.  A quote from the shop's announcement...

"This is a collective etsy shop to help the gulf coast recover from the massive BP oil spill. Etsy sellers have donated their items so that 100% of the proceeds can be given to charity.  We've set up a separate paypal account for this shop. 100% of the proceeds (after etsy & paypal fees) will be donated to OxFam America and the National Wildlife Federation. Both organizations have given us permission to fundraise on their behalf."

I have donated prints of my original painting, "Fairy Tale Forest" and 5 CDs of my album, "The World Beyond" to this shop.   If they sell quickly, I will probably contribute more.  Even though it seems small in the face of something so huge, it makes me happy to be a part of a larger effort that is working to make positive changes!

The print is 8.5" x 11" and comes sealed in a protective sleeve.  I sign and date all of my prints on the back, and they are printed with a professional Epson printer on heavyweight paper.  

The CD includes Oblivion, Firefly Rendezvous, Fairy Story, A Waltz in the Woods, Nocturnal Sonata, The Arrival, Midsummer Muse, Nereides, First Snow, Timeless, Majestic, Mirabella, The World Beyond, La Vie en Roslyn, and Fall.  (53.3 minutes)