Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Truly Handmade With Love

Recently, I crocheted a bunch of snowflakes with hopes of sending them to the Sandy Hook PTA for the "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook" project.  When I visited their website to get the address, I was slightly disappointed to see that they no longer needed snowflakes, as they had enough snowflake donations to cover the entire town!  But I couldn't stay disappointed for more than a few seconds... it made me smile to think of all the snowflakes that were created with so much love!

By the way, if you happen to need a crochet pattern for snowflakes, ChezCrochet is a good source.  I soaked these in a glue/water solution with a bit of fine, powdery white glitter, to make them stiff and slightly shimmery.

I am not always great with words (and blogging), especially when it involves such a profound situation.  The snowflakes were a chance for me to say... in a befuddled way... I would crochet a thousand of these if it could change what happened, but for now I will crochet as many as I can to let someone know I care.

The United Way of Western Connecticut Response for Newtown/Sandy Hook is accepting donations to provide support to the community.   I will either donate these snowflakes to our local school if they need them or auction them on eBay and have the money go directly to the United Way branch listed above.  I have other listings on eBay donating to this charity, along with a section in my Etsy shop.