Sunday, September 18, 2011

If a blogger posts in the woods...

and nobody follows... is it really a blog?  Fortunately I wasn't so bothered by the fact that my blog has only 2 followers, even thought I created it almost 2 years ago.  I just assumed it was because I didn't blog frequently.  
the woods of blogger...

The other day a friend of mine questioned why she could not follow my blog!  I was confused, but also a bit relieved.  "I'm not so boring after all!" I thought.  Then I asked someone else to follow me and they gave me the same response... "I cannot follow your blog... it won't let me!"  This time I was more annoyed than relieved.  "What is wrong with my blog?" I wondered.   

I went into the settings and explored, changed a few things, replaced a few bolts, tightened some screws.  It was there that I discovered the "statistics" portion of my blog settings and found that my blog actually had lots of views... LOTS!  I'm not bragging here, keep in mind I'm still getting over the fact that I have only had 2 followers for 2 years.  But I am hoping that whatever I changed around in settings will actually enable people to follow if they wish.  

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