Friday, December 4, 2009

DIY project...Cozy Blanket (no sewing)

This is a great gift idea for any age! It's easy (no sewing required) and there are tons of fleece patterns out there so you can make it a very personal handmade gift.

I made two (see photo) for our little girls a year ago and they have held up nicely through multiple washings (and I emphasize MULTIPLE)! It doesn't take long to make... I made two in a day with several interruptions. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive if you find the fabric on sale... Jo Ann Fabrics is one of many great places to buy fleece fabric and they often have sales. By the way, if you are making the blanket for an adult, just use more fabric.

Here is a link to the instructions, or if you prefer more vibrant instructions just do a search for "no sew fleece blanket" and you will get numerous results. Have fun!

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